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Two inseparable friends, trying to secure their place in the sun, do stupid TV-commercials and sleep with their producers.

Benidorm is one of Spain's most popular tourist resorts. It lies on the Eastern (Mediterranean) Coast of Spain between Valencia and Alicante , in the province of Alicante, in a region known as the Costa Blanca.
Benidorm is only a two hour flight from most major European Capitals (London, Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Milan, Zurich). The nearest Airport is Alicante (El Altet) International Airport , linked by a motorway 60 km away. There are regular flights all year round.

He told local media if a candidate had lost her virginity out of wedlock her mental state would make her unfit to become a soldier.

“It was just one of those things that comes along — I would say once in a lifetime, but my ‘once in a lifetime’ had already been used up with Mary Tyler Moore ,” she said. “So to get it again — and then on Boston Legal , with David E. Kelley’s writing — I mean, how lucky can one old broad get?”

These statistics are heart breaking for a girl like myself who once found insight into my own life through the analytical writings of the legendary brown philosophers of the Middle Ages. In light of the rampant violence, gender disparity and blind indoctrination at the expense of intellectual advancement pervasive throughout the Middle East and Africa, I find myself romanticizing the Golden Age, hoping at some point in the distant future that type of luminosity might return to the Muslim World.

The idea of Rocky Horror Participation is to have fun, not disrupt the show/film, the following guidelines will help you and the other members of the audience to enjoy the show to the maximum pleasure level. On the 2000 tour I had seen the theatre staff (Hackney, I'm talking about you) reduced to bringing on a line of security staff to keep people away from the stage. Due to one or two over zealous people, they seemed to feel the need to be there. Of course any of the usual fans in the front rows would never climb onto the stage during a show, but they (security) obviously had never read the guide.

Golden Virgins, The - Renaissance KidGolden Virgins, The - Renaissance KidGolden Virgins, The - Renaissance KidGolden Virgins, The - Renaissance Kid